Shri S.M. Shah Law College

About Trust

Trust History

Trust Registration No. F.52 dated 26th May, 1964



Name: The name of the Trust shall be SARDAR VIDYABHAVAN TRUST, Mehsana.

Place: The Head Office of the Trust, Municipal Arts & Urban Bank Science College, Mehsana.

Objectives: To spread the spirit of education in the field of intellectual, moral, physical, industrial, commercial, arts, law and agricultural and related activities. Consequently the objective is to start and manage institutions of higher education.


1. To collect funds and to receive aid, monetary or otherwise, in accordance with the objectives of the trust.

2. To start and manage an Arts and Commerce College at Mehsana.

3. To publish articles, newspapers, magazines and books in order to educate the people.

4. To organise meetings, seminars, exhibitions, competitions in order to educate the people.

5. To start and manage College, hostels, high schools and primary schools, pre-primary schools, schools for girls, physical education schools, vocational institutions, libraries and to administer such institutions.

6. To arrange for and administer loan funds, conditional funds and scholarships.

7. To aid and support any activity or programme that would help the materialization of the objectives of the trust.

8. To provide financial aid loans to any institutions that would help the realizations of the objectives of thrust.